Why is Digital Marketing important for Businesses?

Digital Marketing may not be for everyone, but for those that matter, it is pivotal and a world of opportunities. You see Google ads on almost anything you search for and not to mention Facebook and Instagram ads. Every business has created an online page and a Google My Business listing.

The year is 2021, we have survived a pandemic, but our day to day life has encountered some changes. Most of the work force has adapted to work from home, we have accustomed ourselves to social distancing. We call this the new normal.

What has happened to the marketing world during 2020 pandemic outbreak?

Traditional marketing has taken a hit while online marketing has skyrocketed.

You see Google ads on almost anything you search for and not to mention Facebook and Instagram ads. Every business has created an online page and a Google My Business listing. LinkedIn ads are leveraging lead generation and networking potentials. Twitter Ads are spreading information like wildfire. Quora maintains itself as the true Q&A platform with ads to aid its marketing essentials for a Digital Marketer.

Search Engine Optimisation for your website and Copy writing for your products have become imperative as every has shifted to online marketplaces to make a purchase.

The real question right now on everyone mind are:

“Am I doing enough?”

“What do I do to overcome my competition?”

“What if I launch a new brand right now? Will it stick?”

What if this….

What if that….

Write down all these questions and start talking to your team about it. Pool in all the ideas you can to make the website and social media pages better.

What all can you do to make yourself better than your competitors?

  • Implement On-page and Off-page SEO tactics to mark up yourself on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)
  • Use blogs to articulate concepts for the general public and anyone who it interests
  • Use appropriate Call-To-Actions to improve customer experience and conversions
  • Optimize your page speed to best suit mobile devices and web browsers alike
  • Use hyperlinks to highlight important information (Underlined text and differently colored text draws the attention of the reader and lets him or her know this is a link to be clicked on)
  • Segregate key information with bullet points
  • Use images wisely to depict services or concepts
  • Split content using headings and relevant paragraphs
  • Maintain consistency throughout the webpage
  • Keep an eye on your 404 Error pages (Fix broken links as soon as possible)

How can ads help you gain better torsion on the web?

As you may have noticed, running ads is the new normal. Doesn’t matter what you search for, you will most probably find an ad for it on the SERP. But why should you run an ad?

Advertisements help a user find the best offers or results on the search engine result page regardless of whether a website is low on its domain statistics (Domain Authority, Page Authority, etc.). This is an easier way to market your services or portfolio and gather attention and in result, attainable conversions.

All advertisers face common issues such as:

  • A limited budget
  • A small workforce
  • Limited time to spend in Google Ads

You may not be able to solve all the above, but it is worth spending time and effort on bettering at least one of the above just cause of the fact that you gain an upper hand over your competitors.

How can you improve your Google Ads campaign?

  • Build a better ad structure. Take a note of how many keywords are in each ad group, how many ads are in each ad group, how relevant the keywords are to each other and the ads within each group and look into what can be improved

Having several campaigns does not make sense for all businesses because it is going to stretch your budget across your account, so if you operate a smaller business with just one or two offerings and your budget is limited, you may want to have a “top sellers” campaign with a slightly higher budget, and then an alternative campaign with a smaller budget.

  • Focus on your High Performing keywords. Once you’ve identified an awesome keyword, use a tiered bidding strategy on that word. Tiered bidding is when you bid on the same keyword with all four match types. The more restrictive you get with the match type, the more you’ll want to bid because the quality of traffic will increase.
  • Improve you Negative keywords list. This should be a no-brainer, but continuously building out and monitoring your negative keyword lists will help significantly reduce costs and improve results (especially when using broader match types!).
  • Pause keywords with poor performance. Take a look at why it is not performing well. You may encounter possible reasons like the keyword bid not being high enough, keyword having a low search volume, match type being too broad or too restrictive.

Last but not least, optimize your ad further and create new ad text. This will help you generate more traffic.

I hope this article gave you the insight you needed to create a new action plan for your business. Keep monitoring your website stats and your ads. Make necessary improvements and take a step further to your goals or better yet, make a new goal and start implementing better tactics.



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