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Overview Of the course

TechnoCloud Global offers a cutting-edge curriculum in Digital Marketing and Communication designed by our Industry Specialists for aspirants who seeks to find their glorifying career in the Digital Sector. We have embedded the latest modules to define the difference of learning being a Trainee under us. Our Course comes with an integrated learning method which helps individuals to be upgraded prior to the industry change. Every batch is assigned with an In-House Corporate trainers who have their core expertise in training with over a minimum period of 6 years


Not flaunting ourselves in this cut throat market, we recommend aspirants to choose us considering the 360-degree improvement that we bring in their Training cycle with our Agency collaborated learning exposure. Many individuals lag skills which are most essential to be hired then the training knowledge, our major emphasis is not only providing a quality training but also an Industry Steadiness which helps in getting a quick and positive outcome resulting in a healthy paid job. Over the years our trainees have experienced a relative growth with the real time conceptual learning they have undergone at our center. 


At TechnoCloud Global we present to you the highest learning modules that on can extensively go about in the shortest duration of time to become and produce the best of themselves in the industry. We not only pledge to cater our Trainees during their time in our center but also share our spaces after their training tenure too with an upmost concern to make them a perfect corporate leader.


Completing this course will help you:


Master yourself with Digital Marketing Skill Set to become a new age Marketer in the current Internet era. This International Bureau Accredited Curriculum helps understand the Exact techniques required to enhance your career in this high challenging industry.

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  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Conventional Marketing
  • Chain Marketing
  • Types of Marketing
  • Conditional Marketing
  • Marketing Sense : B2B V/S B2C V/S B2B2C
  • Marketing Research
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Designing
  • Fundamentals of Content Writing
  • Fundamentals of Balancing Graphic
  • Designing Content Creation via Online Designing Tools
  • Types of DesigningTools : Adobe Spark, Canva, Snappa, Powtoon, Animaker
  • Advanced Interface & Formatting
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Introduction to Social Media Networking
  • Posting, Scheduling & Backdating
  • Social Media Controls
  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • ECLPC Approach
  • Social Media Calendar Development
  • Social Media Calendar based Post Generation
  • Social Media Posting Tools
  • Social Media Community Building
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Managing Complex Data
  • Browser Push Notifications
  • Content Personalization
  • Key Takeaways
  • Definition of Lead Generation
  • Types of Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation Funnel
  • Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Landing Page Conversion Optimization
  • Understanding 4 pillars of Process Framework
  • Right placement of Call-To-Actions
  • Inventory Foundation
  • Competitor Research
  • Approaching Suppliers
  • Product Execution
  • Introduction to Marketplace
  • Registration on Marketplace Listing
  • Products on Marketplace Shipping & Logistics
  • Basics of Display Networking
  • Intoduction to Google Display Network
  • Google display Planner Tool & Techniques
  • Display Campaign Creation
  • Why Online?
  • Online Marketing Channels & Funnels
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Digital Marketing Cases
  • Segments of Digital Marketing
  • Necessity to Market Automation
  • Introduction to Free & Paid Tools
  • Introduction to Video Making & Marketing
  • Applications of Video Marketing
  • Elements of Online Video Making & Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Blogging
  • Types of Blogs Q&A
  • Blogging Sessions
  • Practical Approach Towards Blogs
  • Preparing Live Blogging Sessions
  • Basics of SEO
  • Introduction to Search Engines
  • Search Engine Work Process
  • Types of Keywords
  • Keyword Selection
  • Keywords Mapping
  • Content Management & Optimization Primary
  • Google Algorithms
  • Understanding Workflow
  • ON Page SEO
  • HTML Tag Optimization
  • OFF Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Local Citations Directory Listings
  • Basics of Planning Strategies
  • Basics of Design Generation Panel
  • Wireframe and Block Diagram Creation
  • Online Media Buying
  • Techniques Different Category of Domains
  • Domain Name Selection Techniques
  • Domain Procurement & Hosting Customizing
  • HTML Page Customization of
  • Cascadded Style Sheets
  • Platform Independent Customizations
  • Different Platforms of CMS Development
  • Wix based Website Creation
  • WebFlow based Website Creation
  • WordPress based Website Creation
  • Live Illustration on all category of Websites
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • WebMaster Setup
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced WordPress Tutorials
  • Property Creation
  • Account Generation
  • Admin Authorization
  • Tracking ID Validation
  • Filters & Reports Creating
  • Custom URL’s
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Organic & Paid Campaign
  • Audit Framework
  • Basics of Inorganic Marketing
  • Introduction to Search Result
  • Advertisement PPC Advertisement &
  • Direct Advertisement
  • Introduction to Campaign Structure
  • Quick Campaign Creation Ads
  • Extension Keyword Match Type
  • Specialized Training on Ecommerce Websites
  • Amazon Partner
  • Amazon Web Seller
  • Amazon Partnered
  • Dropshipping Integration

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The truth is that you need not attend a regular university to get a digital marketing degree. If your of the age of 18 and feel lousy with any other career options, you are exactly what you can start with. There is no definitive set route to becoming a digital marketer, its one such career where one can switch into it irrespective of any other domain experience or graduation degree. There is no contemporary restrictions unlike any other courses as we see for an Aspirant picking Digital Marketing Course. Any Below, Under or Post Graduate can prefer to study Digital Marketing as it is a stream independent course. 

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College Grads & Job Seekers

Right from Higher Secondary or with the completion of 12th Standard, a candidate can right away drop into this industry to seek a life changing opportunity. Whether to be from a technical  or a Non technical background this is one such career which any Graduate can percieve.

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Working Professionals

A Sales and Marketing professional has no go without the Up-gradation into the Digital Domain. Marketing has changed drastically, thus, any working professional irrespective of any out of box experience can learn Digital Marketing and enhance their career with no salary drop.

Career Prone Housewives

For any housewife who has had a career leap due to uncertainties, this is exactly the Career to opt, for a great come back into a Corporate Cycle. Homemakers, who’s striking hard for a parallel earning, Digital Marketing is a blessing in disguise as it comes with a freelancing opportunity.

Independent Entreprenuers

A self made Entrepreneur understands that every business needs right amount of branding and equivalent number of sales to sustain. The current trend of Digital Marketing Training Facilitates you to learn the required metrics to grow your business into 10X the time it was before.

A quality in training is just not sufficient to achieve an aspirants learning goals. Training room design is so much more than configuring a space and making sure that all of the latest audio/visual technology is in place. While necessary, the technological tools for training are just a part of the overall picture. There are a variety of items to consider such as the type of furniture needed, the size of the space, the acoustics involved, the location within a building, and much more.

Even the best professional development programs can fall flat if they take place in a substandard, non-user-friendly environment. We recognize the value of providing our trainees the best training room features available, to improve the overall learning experience and boost learners’ knowledge retention.

So what environment is most conducive to learning? The ideal learning environment is a dedicated space designed for training. It’s the difference between a room to train in and a dynamic learning environment designed to promote engagement and collaboration—as well as enhanced knowledge retention. The actual physical space devoted to training should meet some basic criteria when it comes to accessibility, layout, technology and even climate.