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Whether you’re brand new to the world of Data Science or have been in the business, going through a certification program has its benefits. Among them is the fact that this will enhance your authorization. Getting a Bachelor’s or Master’s certification in Data Science will show employers that you have the drive and always take the initiative. This can only really work in your favor. It also indicates that you’ve established lots of knowledge in the field of Data Science. More experience and knowledge equal higher pay and an easier job search.

This also no doubt increases your value when it comes to employment. You can also consider the fact that this is an ever-growing field in an ever-changing world. You can also strengthen what are known as the core concepts of Data Science Analyst. This in effect is the same as the saying that insists you need to learn the rules first before you can break them. There is no one solution to every problem, but with a Bachelor / Master certification in Data Science will allow you to get the solution that works for you.

With certification, you can also boost your confidence level as you build your skill-set. Along with having knowledge in the industry, that trust increase will serve you well when it comes to interviewing for positions or implementing decisions should you already have a position.

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Data Science has been ranked as one of the hottest professions and the demand for data practitioners is booming. This Professional Certificate from IBM is intended for anyone interested in developing skills and experience to pursue a career in Data Science. Upon successfully completing these courses you will have done several hands-on assignments and built a portfolio of data science projects to provide you with the confidence to plunge into an exciting profession in Data Science. In addition to earning a Professional Certificate from TechnoCloud Global, you will also receive a digital Badge from IBM recognizing your proficiency in Data Science.

This professional certificate has a strong emphasis on applied learning. Except for the first course, all other courses include a series of hands-on labs and are performed in the IBM Cloud (without any cost to you). Throughout this Professional Certificate you are exposed to a series of tools, libraries, cloud services, datasets, algorithms, assignments and projects that will provide you with practical skills with applicability to real jobs that employers value


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The Graduate Diploma in Data Science, with all academic direction from TechnoCloud Global, aims to prepare graduates for a career as a data scientist, in the corporate sector, for entrepreneurship, public policy or even academia. While focusing on the core statistical, quantitative and computing skills required in these careers, this Data Science course also arms students with business domain knowledge so they can add value as data scientists.


This masters has been designed to offer those with a familiarity in maths, science or computing an opportunity to develop a key set of skills for future employment in a way that builds on your existing knowledge and skill base. Upon completing the course, you will be ready to fulfil the requirements of a Data Scientist.

You will focus on the intertwining areas of machine learning, visual analytics and data governance, and be able to strike a balance between theoretical underpinnings, practical hands-on experience, and acquisition of industrially-relevant languages and packages. You will also be exposed to cutting-edge contemporary research activity within data science that will equip you with the potential to pursue a research-based career