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Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Boot Camp Training | 45 Days

Offline/Online sessions available, Instructor led session, Maximum of 10 candidates per session, Learning Management System (LMS) Web Portal and Mobile App Access

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Mastery Program | 75 Days

Offline/Online sessions available, Instructor led session, Maximum of 10 candidates per session, Learning Management System (LMS) Web Portal and Mobile App Access

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Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

20+ International Certifications

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Training by In-House Experts

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Paid Internship Subsidy

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

PG Diploma Certification

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Dedicated Placement Cell

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Over 50 Industry Relevant Tools

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Assignments & Case Studies

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Live Interactive Projects

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

#1 Learning Management System

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

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PG DIPLOMA in digital marketing
Know your Certification

Once you complete your course, you will be certified with a course completion certificate which will stand out as your primary certification of being a Digital Marketer

In Modern Day and Age, being equipped with digital tools is of the utmost importance. As the battle to be the best marketing platform rages on, we must capture the inevitable job opportunities that arise on a day to day basis. The competition is fierce and the internet is forever! What is missing now is the skilled personnel who can make all the difference for an entity to stand tall in their selected niche or bring forth an emphasis on their product lineup.

That’s where TCG steps in!


The Digital Marketing courses offered by TechnoCloud Global are perfect for students who just finished their 10+2, UG, PG, and working professionals alike. We aim to groom an individual to such an extent where he is job-ready and well equipped with all the tools and the thought process which is necessary to be a successful Digital Marketer!

The key aspect of being a Digital Marketer is that you are not restricted by your age or educational background to excel in the industry.

Specializations you Learn ?

Advertisement, Branding, Promotions and Marketing are the most integral components. One needs to understand the basics of advertisement to master Digital Marketing. This specialization will lead you upskilling in the related areas.

Developing an effective campaign strategy is the means to a perfect execution for your online advertisements. One needs to be creative and mindful of his targets to be able to perceive the best of both worlds.

An ad copy or a poster or a creative video speaks for itself when it comes to the brand awareness we are laying down. Our services and capabilities need to be presented effectively and in a creative representation.

Content writing and marketing is what sets you apart from your competitors. A well curated content can lift up your website or ad copy with much better results than most others while the marketing principles you initiate decides your outreach and stance.

If you check your mails now, you will get to see a newsletter or a campaign created to spread awareness or information regarding a product or service. It is imperative that you learn to keep your customers updated about your services and E-mail marketing is by far one of the best practises to master.

In the modern day and age everyone from MNC’s to professional individuals host a website of their own. Being a coder is a time consuming process but being a WordPress website builder gets your job done in 1/4th of the time.

Social Media Marketing is one of the skills you could learn for the years to come. Most major social media platforms have a prevalent advertisement platform which helps us as marketers to reach the right audience with detailed targeting.

For every search we execute on google, bing, duckduckgo or any other search engine, we receive a set of results that have been highly optimised for the search term. This optimisation is a time consuming aspect for a web page which should be done effectively to be valued in the long run.

As you know, Google is the worlds most used search engine, but did you know google also lets us advertise on its platforms and partnered websites? Using google ads may help you boost your sales or generate leads for your campaign.

Google analytics helps understand our website statistics in a simple and efficient view. Learn how to utilise your website data to an extents where you get to implement better targeting for your ads and vividly analyse your conversion potential.

As times pass by, mankind advances its capabilities in an exponential matter and so does the digital world. The internet has been through some remarkable changes over the years and is still adapting to the current market and potential.

Digital Marketing being the vast ocean of possibilities as it is, tends to present opportunities at the leisure of your room via self-promotional opportunities. Skill up via blogging, YouTubing, acquiring freelance gigs, domain flipping and more.

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Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Resume Building

Have a stellar resume filled with a skillset they just cant refuse. We help you set up your resume based on your strengths so that you don’t miss an opportunity to excel.

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Placement Assistance

Receive Digital Marketing job postings from over 200+ firms on the online portal cum study center where you can apply for jobs in a matter of seconds

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Interview Prepration

It is important to have the necessary skillset for a job, but it will be wasted if you don’t perform well in your interviews. Let us help you stand out

Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore

Job Placement

The JOB ! The milestone you reach so that we can finally rest knowing we have done well! 


Digital Marketing is the trendiest course which allows getting the hang of advertising an item or service online through advanced mediums like cell phones, PCs, tablets and more

Advanced Marketing Course will be valuable for the individuals who complete their graduation or post graduation. Numerous firms are in search of employable Digital Marketers

Apart from being a freelancer, a few of the in-demand career options are:

  • PPC Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Internet Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Marketing and Automation Specialist

Yes, You can enroll in our Level NEXT program to work on your skills in your free time

Yes, freelancers can either choose from e-learning or classroom learning opportunities to skill up

There is no minimum qualification required to enter the field of Digital Marketing. 10+2 is advisable but if you are keen in trying to understand the concepts, age is not a restriction

On a usual note, it take about 3 months to learn the concepts well. It is possible to rush through and specialise on a topic in about 30 to 45 days

Yes, you can! We have a dedicated Learning Management System equipped with all the study materials required and videos to explain the concepts in detail

Digital Marketing is one of the most useful skillset for an entrepreneur. Individuals who learn DM has the ability to promote their business online and scale up in a matter of months!

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